Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers

Powerful, Self-Draining Dehumidifiers For Your Basement or Crawl Space

What It Does:

Basement Systems Maryland offers the following two dehumidifiers. Both units include a low-maintenance, self-draining design.

The SaniDry™ XP Basement Air System can dehumidify and filter your air at the same time. Its ENERGY STAR® rating makes it three times more efficient than common hardware store dehumidifiers, while its powerful blower allows it to dehumidify up to 2,500 square feet.

The SaniDry™ CX is an energy efficient crawl space dehumidifier. Also equipped with an air filter, it can dehumidify a 6,000 square foot crawl space at 3' high.

Installation Time:

Installing the SaniDry™ XP and SaniDry™ CX can be done in a timely fashion, while not adding any additional time onto a job.

Why Choose Our Dehumidifiers?

Typical dehumidifiers are highly inefficient systems that just aren't powerful enough to dehumidify the entire basement or crawl space. They have weak blowing motors and their collection trays need to be emptied daily, sometimes more than once! They can usually remove 30-40 pints of water per day, provided that the wet air is circulated to be dried.

The SaniDry™ XP can remove 110 pints of water per day, and its powerful blowing motor is strong enough to duct air into a finished basement space, while the unit itself is stored in an unfinished area. Its MERV 11 air filter can remove particles from the air as small as 2 microns, while an optional odor filter helps rid the air of stronger odors. With its completely digital interface, you can set it and forget it, or install a dehumidifier control box in your finished space.

For crawl spaces and low-ceiling basements, the SaniDry™ CX may be the perfect option for you. Manual controls allow you to set your humidity level. The SaniDry™ CX can remove up to 90 pints of water out of the air per day and is also self-draining.

Both of these waterproofing products are just one part of our complete basement waterproofing and dry crawl space systems.

Read the SaniDry™ XP Warranty [PDF]

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