The FloodChek® Washer Hose System

Protect Your Investment With Heavy-Duty, Warrantied Washing Machine Hoses

What It Does:

Unless you turn off the water valves to your washing machine hoses each and every time you do your laundry, you're at risk of a flood. Washer hoses are under a continuous 50psi of pressure -- more than they're designed to endure continuously.

FloodChek® Hoses are specifically designed to take the high water pressure that these hoses endure. These hoses are industrial-grade, triple-ply with machined brass end connections. A 20-year warranty ensures your peace of mind for years to come.

Installation Time:

Installing your new FloodChek® Hoses takes a matter of minutes -- the installer simply removes the old washer hoses and replaces them with our new ones.

FloodChek® Washer Hoses Are A GREAT Idea!

Investing in a basement waterproofing system without upgrading your washing machine hoses just doesn't make sense. At Basement Systems Maryland, we've heard and witnessed countless horror stories of bursting washing machine hoses pouring up to 500 gallons of water into a basement each hour. In one extreme case, water was literally pouring out of the basement windows! What a way to ruin a finished basement!

Your home will always be vulnerable to plumbing leaks, but we can take a few small steps to greatly reduce the risk. Installing new Floodchek Washer Hoses and installing flood protection for your water heater are little things that go a long way. Along with our other basement waterproofing products, it's a great way to protect your investment for decades to come.

FloodChek® Washer Hoses are a perfect final touch for your basement waterproofing system!

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